Peoria for outdoor enthusiasts

What you might not know about Peoria yet is that it is a fun place for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers growing miles of mountain bike trails (significant portion of which is single track), great trail running, decent roller blading and extensive road biking options. There are also some really good climbing areas within couple hours drive (both sports and traditional climbing). It was even selected by NG Adventure as one of the 50 next great American adventure towns in which to live and relax. Check out the article below:

Peoria one of the "next great American adventure towns"
Written by Tim McGrath
Monday, 11 August 2008 12:40
of the Journal Star
Posted Aug 11, 2008 @ 01:16 PM


National Geographic Adventure magazine has picked Peoria as one of its 50 next great American adventure towns in which to live and relax.

The nationwide listing sought out towns and cities that currently offered activities for outdoor enthusiasts but were also considered to be up-and-coming.

The magazine selected Peoria — the only Illinois city on the list — for its growing miles of mountain bike trails that surround the city as well as the nightlife offerings on the Downtown riverfront.

"People think, ‘How can Peoria have great mountain biking?’ But we do," said Rich Pestien, owner of Bushwhacker, an outdoor-adventure gear store. "You don’t have to go to Colorado to have some fun."

The list will be published in the magazine’s September edition, slated to hit newsstands tomorrow.

(Reprinted from the Peoria Journal Star)

And for those who are even more adventurous, there is still more to do. Colorado and its great skiing is not that far and there has been traditionally a group of Czech students and alumni to make the trip there and have some fun on the slopes at least once a year.

And the best thing? You will not be doing all this on your own. There is always someone that likes doing the same stuff. And there are several clubs to help you get started and meet new people, e.g. PAMBA (The Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association - and IRVOC (Illinois River Valley Orienteering Club - to name just a few.

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