Interview with Roman Zednik.

1. When did you begin this program?

Roman: I entered Bradley in 1993 - the first year a Czech student arrived at Bradley. My professor at VSE, Andrew Razeghi, who was a Bradley graduate that Professor Durcakova brought to Prague told me about this opportunity. He was instrumental in getting this program started.

My main goal was to get an education as well as experience life in the US.

2. What did you find beneficial about the MBA program? What was hard for you?

Roman: a) The program itself was a hard and efficient preparation for a business life. Staying overseas helps you to become a quick adjuster to new environments.

Roman: b) The hardest thing was to be apart from family and closest friends.

3. Was there any subject/subjects you found especially beneficial to your career? What differences in program conception/subject structure did you experience in comparison to VSE.

Roman: Concepts were rather different. I guess students after year 2000 can make more up-to-date comparison.

4. Briefly describe your graduate assistant assignments.

Roman: I worked in the FQM department 20hours/week. Main tasks were correcting homework and tests, giving tests, and some research work.

5. What were your leisure activities in Peoria (Illinois, US)?

Roman: In the little time left after studies it was sports: running with the BU track team and tennis. And often soccer on Saturdays with BU students.

6.What is your current job? What are your responsibilities? How do you think the MBA title helped you in obtaining the position?

Roman: I serve as Senior Relationship Manager, Wholesale Banking, for ING Bank N.V., Prague Branch. My job means being in contact with top managers of both local and global corporations. The MBA classes served as a similar environment as well as case studies brought us closer to present real life situations.

7. How do you see the time spent at Bradley in terms of your personal life?

Roman: As a very special part of my life. Part that will always remain and influenced my thinking about the world and the people.

8. Can you think of any simple advice you would give the perspective students who are interested in studying at Bradley University?

Roman: If you fell like it - go for it! It means great experiences and new opportinities for life!

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